Our Mission

Ideaship helps Founder Inventors maximize the value of their innovation and their company by catalyzing a patent strategy that helps stake out the future of their industry.


Our first step is to extract, refine and polish your team’s innovations into something not just patentable and defensible, but industry-defining. This is both art and science, and our team has decades of experience practicing this craft.


It’s technical, bureaucratic and expensive, and we’ve got you. Our team is full of patent nerds – lawyers, analysts, subject matter experts, former patent examiners, and former founders. We live for this stuff, and if we invest in you, you’ll have peace of mind that we’re living for your IP.

Create Value

Such care and diligence has real value in the marketplace. Companies with well curated IP strategies and patents command higher valuations in successive funding rounds and exits. Your Ideaship Market Analysis offers deep insight into your industry, and identifies players in your space (including potential acquirers). Your Ideaship Patent Valuation provides trusted third-party validation of your patent portfolio, and future investors will appreciate its significance.

Plan for the Future

While our focus is on building the patent foundation your startup needs to grow, we are eyeing the full length of your entrepreneurial journey. The Ideaship Patent Roadmap illuminates the path ahead of you, providing vital information for product development, partnership development, and potential exits.


Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Ideaship contributes a unique skill set in a mission-critical component of startup success. We’re 100% dedicated to supporting founders, we’re good team-players, and our incentives are aligned to support your long-term success.