SAN FRANCISCO, CA — April 13, 2021 — Above Robotics received an investment from Ideaship, a patent leveraged venture capital firm that provides intellectual property development support for early stage startups. The investment will enable Above to accelerate the transition to autonomy by unifying complex systems into a central platform that helps businesses achieve greater efficiencies, safety, and profitability across the value chain.Above Robotics Logo

“We recognize that Above Robotics has the potential to dramatically alter the way autonomous systems interact within ecosystems. Above’s next generation platform synchronizes manned and autonomous operations into one cohesive management platform, and we at Ideaship are excited to be helping the team protect their innovations,” said Robert Bell, Ideaship Venture Partner.

“Above is developing revolutionary technology that will radically impact industries today and in the future. As the world moves toward integrating intelligent automation and autonomy into day to day business operations, we believe that creating a protecting portfolio of IP is critical to the value of the products and services we offer our clients,” said Austin Burch, Above Robotics CEO.

About Above Robotics

Above Robotics connects robots, vehicles, devices and people with intelligent automation to achieve greater efficiencies, safety and profitability across the value chain. By orchestrating disparate systems and devices into an enterprise-wide platform, Above simplifies orchestration and fleet management, streamlining business operations to reduce costs and help complex facilities simply and safely adopt autonomy.

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About Ideaship

Ideaship provides patent development capital for early stage ventures.

Ideaship is a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America (PIPCA). Ideaship combines GTT Group’s patent experience with PIPCA’s leading patent department expertise, achieving enterprise value premiums.

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