Our Premise

Ideaship maximizes the potential of your enterprise value in relation to fundraising, go-to-market, and acquisition or IPO.


Business value

Your idea is the core of your business. We enable you to harvest, enhance, and maximize patent asset value and its impact on your enterprise.


Market advantage

Carefully curated patent value can be a beacon for companies on the lookout for a solution. We are world-renowned experts at understanding, articulating, and activating patent value.


Entire journey

You imagine the future. We support your innovations and maximize value. We harvest, enhance, and create value—at every stage.


Insight and perspective

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of our strategic patent analysis and monetization practices. Ideaship provides key developmental support when you need it most.


At Ideaship, we have decades of business and technical expertise related to patent asset development and strategic, high-value transactions. Our experience, which spans generations, allows us to intimately understand the effects of patent value on growth and wealth creation. We know how to activate on our insights, building true value for your enterprise.


Actively integrating the results of our work into a better reality for your business, Ideaship enables the integration of patent and enterprise value. Throughout the venture lifecycle, patents play a foundational role in fundraising, customer development, acquisition, and favorable liquidity events—making patents integral to your ultimate success as a company.

Enterprise Value Transformed

We enhance your ability to navigate liquidity pathways—go-to-market success, financing rounds, acquisition, and IPO. Ideaship gives you lasting insight and clarity, leveraging our vast expertise in support of the founder’s journey.