Seattle, Washington — October 15, 2020 — Ideaship, a patent leveraged venture capital firm that provides patent development support for early-stage startups, announced it has invested in BlueDot Photonics, Inc. The investment will assist BlueDot’s mission to develop and deploy efficiency-enhancing solar technology.BlueDot Photonics, Inc. Logo

“We are grateful to be part of the BlueDot journey. BlueDot is on a path which will help propel the entire industry. BlueDot’s technology promises performance breakthroughs while meeting industry-wide cost reduction mandates. BlueDot is about wide-scale industry adoption, representing the next evolution in photonics and energy optimization,” says Michael Lubitz, Founder and Managing Director of GTT Group.

“BlueDot recognizes the value of ideas in the 21st-century economy. But ideas are only valuable if you can realize their value. That’s why we are excited to have Ideaship join our team. Their experience and expertise will help BlueDot make our solar technology truly game-changing.” Said Jared Silvia, CEO, Co-Founder, and President of BlueDot.

About BlueDot Photonics, Inc.

BlueDot is a B2B based in Seattle, Washington. BlueDot’s technology boosts the power output of solar panels up to 16%, which represents a decades worth of panel efficiency improvements in a single development. BlueDot’s proprietary material shapes sunlight, making it easier for panels to convert it to electricity. BlueDot’s technology lowers the dollar per watt cost of the panel by 5-10%.

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About Ideaship

Ideaship provides patent development capital for early-stage ventures.

Ideaship is a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America (PIPCA). Ideaship combines GTT Group’s patent experience with PIPCA’s leading patent department expertise, achieving enterprise value premiums.

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