Portland, Oregon — April, 21 2020 — Captis Biotechnology, Inc. announced it has received an investment from Ideaship, a patent leveraged venture capital firm that provides patent development support for early stage startups. The investment will support Captis’ mission to develop diagnostic platforms to detect and treat illnesses such as ovarian cancer and precancerous pancreatic lesions with simple, accurate and practical technology.Captis logo

“We are grateful to be working with Dr. Strongin and the Captis Team. Their innovations promise to provide a new pathway for understanding and eventual treatment of diseases that have all too often been diagnosed much later than desirable for positive patient outcomes,” remarked Michael Lubitz, Co-founder of Ideaship and Managing Director and Founder of GTT Group.

“Ideaship will add value to our company for our investors and will aid our success in navigating IP issues as well as other major business issues and strategies,” noted Robert Strongin, Co-founder, President, and CEO of Captis.

About Captis 

Captis Biotechnology, Inc. is based in Portland, Oregon. Captis is a diagnostic company whose goal is to address major challenges in early disease detection. The research conducted by Captis will assist in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and alzheimer’s.
For more information, please visit https://www.captisbiotech.com/.

About Ideaship

Ideaship provides patent development capital for early stage ventures.

Ideaship is a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America. Ideaship combines the expertise and experience of GTT Group’s patent analysis, valuation, and monetization practices with Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America’s leading patent department to achieve enterprise value premiums.

For more information, please visit https://www.ideashipfund.com/.