Miami, Florida—December 13, 2017— FINSUM today announced it has received an investment from Ideaship, a patent leveraged venture capital firm that provides patent development support for early stage startups. The investment will assist FINSUM’s efforts in scaling and refining their data analytics and financial news services for investment professions.

“FINSUM offers insights that are invaluable to investment professions. The platform is positioned to impact the investment industry and we look forward to supporting FINSUM in their journey,” said Michael Lubitz, founder and managing director of Global Technology Transfer (GTT) Group and Ideaship co-founder.

“The Ideaship team has acted as my IP experts, mentors, and friends. They have gone the extra mile with developing my patent portfolio and professionalizing FINSUM,” remarked Duncan MacDonald-Korth, co-founder and CEO of FINSUM.


FINSUM is a financial news and analysis company based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2016, FINSUM is a platform for providing data analytics and financial services lead generation to the investment professional. For more information, please visit

About Ideaship

Ideaship is equity based patent development capital. Ideaship is a patent leveraged venture capital firm, comprised of world-renowned experts at understanding, articulating, and activating patent value. Ideaship provides patent development capital for early stage ventures.

Ideaship is a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group)  and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America. Ideaship combines the wisdom and experience of GTT Group’s patent analysis, valuation, and monetization practices with Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America’s leading patent department to achieve enterprise value premiums.

For more information, please visit