Ideaship’s third fund launches with investments in Canopii, Photon Marine, Clickvoyant, Phuc Labs, Wonderfil, mPathic

Fund III will make a total of 40 investments by 2024 

Portland, Oregon – April 25th, 2023 – Ideaship has launched its third fund with investments in six startups, including Canopii, Photon Marine, Clickvoyant, Phuc Labs, Wonderfil, and mPathic. The $4.7M fund will invest in a total of 40 US-based startups by 2024. Ideaship invests in startups developing novel intellectual property, and supports portfolio companies in constructing a solid IP foundation to support venture-backed growth.

Ideaship is the venture arm of Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group), also based in Portland, Oregon. Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. is a patent transaction advisory & consultancy firm. GTT Group combines core competencies in patent analysis, valuation, and market knowledge to deliver unparalleled results. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Portland, Oregon.

“We’re exceedingly proud of this first group of Fund III investees”, said Ideaship Managing Director Amanda Oborne. They include a diverse and creative set of founding teams actively developing technologies that will foster a better-shared future for us all. Canopii, Photon Marine, Phuc Labs, and Wonderfil are speeding our transition to a climate-smart world, and Clickvoyant and mPathic are first-movers applying AI models to improve business outcomes.”

Of the first six Ideaship Fund III founder teams:

  • 67% include at least one founder or co-founder who identifies as a woman
  • 50% include at least one founder or co-founder of color
  • 67% are building cleantech or climate solutions 

“We’re grateful to bring the patent strategy firepower of GTT Group to startups via Ideaship,” said GTT Group and Ideaship founder Michael Lubitz. “We want technical founders to own the business behind their business so they can ultimately create the most value for their teams.”

Recent research published by PitchBook showed that startups with patents generate significantly higher valuations and exits over non-patent startups. Between 2011 and 2020, deal sizes for patent startups were 40% to 60% larger than those for non-patent startups in a given year, and patent-seeking companies accounted for 79% of VC exit value but only 24% of VC exit count during the same timeframe.

Founders interested in funding for patent strategy development should fill out the intake form on Ideaship’s website at

About Ideaship

Ideaship provides patent development capital for early-stage ventures.

Ideaship is a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America (PIPCA). Ideaship combines GTT Group’s patent experience with PIPCA’s leading patent department expertise, achieving enterprise value premiums.

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