San Jose, California — September 14, 2021 — Maze AR Inc. received an investment from Ideaship, a patent leveraged venture capital firm that provides intellectual property development support for early-stage startups. The investment will assist Maze AR’s mission to provide a virtual solution for the seamless fitting of clothing while online shopping that will reduce return costs and increase sales.  Maze AR logo

“Maze AR has developed a technology that stands out from the market and has the potential to dramatically alter the way fashion brands and vendors interact with their customers by enabling them to visualize the look and fit for potential purchases in real-time with their AR platform prior to purchase,” said Robert Bell, Ideaship Venture Partner.

“This partnership with Ideaship will help bolster our company’s IP strategy and provide support in key areas that are often neglected in startups. Ideaship will help our company build a strong foundation of IP to set up future success and limit risk, something our shareholders will value. Ideaship executed on our timeline and has thus far been a valuable business partner to our organization,” said Maze AR Inc. Co-Founder & COO, Daniel Speciale.

About Maze AR Inc.

By providing augmented reality as a service to online fashion retailers, Maze-AR hopes to bridge the gap between online and physical stores. VirtuFIT, by Maze-AR, aims to be the industry’s first real-time virtual fitting solution for apparel. Our goal is to limit returns and provide a greatly enhanced user experience while shopping online.

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About Ideaship

Ideaship provides patent development capital for early-stage ventures.

Ideaship is a collaboration between Global Technology Transfer Group (GTT Group) and Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America (PIPCA). Ideaship combines GTT Group’s patent experience with PIPCA’s leading patent department expertise, achieving enterprise value premiums.

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